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How many hours maternity care will I get?

After your registration, we determine how many hours maternity care you need. This is an estimate (officially this is called an 'indication') based on your personal situation. Your health insurer will check the indication. We take into account various criteria , such as your medical situation, the composition of your family and the presence of other caregivers. On average, 45 to 49 hours of maternity care are granted. At Lunavi, we try to provide one and the same maternity carer during your maternity period.

Monitoring moments during pregnancy

Circumstances can change during tyour pregnancy and maternity period. It may happen that you need more or fewer hours of maternity care. That’s why there are three monitoring moments at which we reassess the number of maternity care hours you're entitled to.

Maternity days

The maternity care hours are spread over eight maternity days. You can schedule these hours with your maternity carer daily between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. Of course, there is a maternity carer available 24/7 for assisting in childbirth. It doesn't matter if you (partly) spend your maternity period in the maternity hotel or maternity centre; the number of maternity care hours remains the same.

Some health insurers reimburse only a limited number of maternity care hours. If you want to extend your maternity care period, you can do so at your own cost. Your maternity care consultant will inform you about the possibilities!

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