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Giving birth

Throughout your pregnancy you look forward to giving birth. You’ll finally get to hold your baby in your arms! Childbirth is a special and exciting process. You choose where you want to give birth – in your own home or in a maternity hotel. Wherever you give birth; Lunavi is there for you. Giving birth at home? A specialised maternity carer will be present to assist the midwife during child delivery. A maternity carer can also assist you in the maternity hotel or in the hospital.

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At home, in the hospital or in a maternity hotel?

When you have no medical reason for giving birth in the hospital, you can choose where you want to have your child: in your own home or in a maternity hotel. Whichever you prefer. Your maternity care consultant can inform you all about it. 

Maternity hotel or home

You can give birth at home or in a maternity hotel

Maternity hotel

In the maternity hotel, you give birth in a calm environment with the medical care of the hospital nearby.

At home

Give birth in a familiar environment with the professional care of your midwife and the maternity carer.


In this case, you can also count on the assistance of our maternity carers – similar to a home birth.

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